Liz Cook Charts

I have seen these charts in various co-ops here and there, now and again. And every time I see one of them I tell myself to take down the contact info and get one (or some) for my own quick reference in my own kitchen. The appearance is fun and quick, as if you sat down and sketched out your own guide. Apparently, this was the case when Liz Cook first developed her first guide some 15 years ago when her son was a baby and her interest was in creating a quick reference for raising her son on an animal free diet.

Since that time Liz Cook has developed a small series of laminated reference charts. My favorite chart is pretty much the Nutrition Chart, but I also want to get the Natural First Aid Remedies Chart and the Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart. They are the kind of thing that gives a breezy overview to the kinds of things that always nagging at you - the things that you know you want to involve yourself more in, but sometimes put on the sidelines because there isn't enough time to reference each and every piece of information when it comes to healthy living. The charts give you just enough information and act as a check list when looking for recipe items or helpful hints. And, they act as an information catalyst for delving in deeper when you want, or need, to get even more information than can possibly fit on the charts.

If you go to her website: www.lizcookcharts.co.uk you will see that she is located in Brighton, England. However, it appears that there should be no trouble purchasing one for delivery elsewhere in the world. Pin them to the wall, attach them to the refridgerator - put them where you'll benefit from quick info while cooking, or cleaning. She even has one that concentrates on Yoga poses (based on the principles of Hatha)! For those of you with dogs there is a new chart called You and Your Dog - which I might consider as well since my kids are now interested in us getting a dog.

I have found the guides useful when I see them at the store - but I need to get them for my home. You might want to do the same. Perhaps we can speak with Liz about something special for Nonchalant Mom's Tips and Info section! I think they are fun, easy to use, and a great start if you are not familiar with the particulars presented in the various charts.

And, though I haven't seen the book that she has produced called 'So What Do You Eat?" - the idea of a book that takes her concept further sounds delightful. I suggest you visit her website for much of what I can tell you here. Meantime, I suggest getting one.... or two.... or three! The more ammunition in our battle to do good for ourselves and the environment the better.