lasagna... just the way you like it!

I have been perfecting this recipe for some time now, just a simple lasagna, it's really fun to try different things and see what really works...so here is how we like it! my kids love it too...

organic lasagna pasta
one yellow onion diced
8-12 cloves of garlic
12 (or so) dinosaur kale leaves
1 jar San Marzano sauce (we use marinara sauce)
1 28 oz. can San Marzano diced tomatos
1 jar Bionature tomato paste
1/2 a square of really good tofu, we use 'The Bridge' it's amazing! (made in CT)
cheddar cheese

cook pasta drain and run cold water over it.
in a large pan
sauté onions in olive oil, add garlic (chopped), chop up Kale and add when onion is cooked. add tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes and tomato paste, then add salt, pepper and oregano and let cook for a bit.
spread a tiny bit of olive oil in a casserole dish, put a little bit of sauce in the bottom so it doesn't stick and then lay in your first layer of pasta, spoon on a good healty layer of your tomato sauce, sprinkle both cheese and then cut the tofu into large thin slices and lay them on the top (then put just a bit of sauce again so the flavor goes into the tofu). Now lay out the pasta again, sauce again, and cheese again and I usually put a bit more mozzarella cheese on the top. put in oven for about 20-30 mins on 350 degrees.

just a note about brands; I use San Marzano, they are not organic but I think they have the best flavor, I also a big fan of Bionature and use all of their products when cooking anything Italian. and TOFU...it's really important to use a good brand of Tofu, you will be amazed at how good it can taste! I think that all products by The Bridge are really superior in flavor! (no website, but phone number: 860-346-3663)

good luck and good eating!! you will love it!
(the above image is from a blog called 'gluten free mommy' she had a really good recipe here...just in case you need gluten free!)