Caroline Irby - Children from Across the Globe

Caroline Irby's latest photo project was suggested to me by a friend. This last week in
the Guardian Online from the UK I saw her interesting photos. Caroline says that she spent the last year searching for a child from every country in the world that resides in the UK. Apparently, from 192 countries she was able to find 187 and interview/photograph 185. That's not a bad success rate. There are children from just about every conceivable location on the planet - even from countries many did not even consider. But, Caroline has found them and brought them to us in pictures. As well, each picture is accompanied by a quote from that child - some of them revealing and others basic - but all of them compelling nonetheless. It reminds us that the world is indeed a small place and that children everywhere, regardless, are much the same in spirit!

If you reside in the UK then you should be able to find it in your last weekend issue of the Guardian Weekend Magazine. As well, in December you will be able to view it on Channel 4 television. As well you can see more of her work on her website at www.carolineirby.com.

The children in the project range in age right up to teens. But, it is the younger ones comments that are all the more insightful and sometimes funny. My faves are Mounira (aged 6) from Morocco who says "My dad is in Syria coz he's got loads of wives." And, then there is Jaime from the nation of Sao Tome who says: "...we don't have computers and people are healthy because we eat all the fruit and we don't have crisps (potato chips)." Of course, there is William from Sweden (aged 8) who has to sing a song about himself! Love it. Happy and sad, there is a whole range of responses and photos to peruse. You should check it out while you can.

I'm sure it wasn't an easy project to organize or to photograph.... but I'm glad she did!