toilet training....not working??

if your two year old is warming up to the toilet just about as much as she warms up to a barking dog (whaaaa!!) then we have something in common! I was talking to my friends about it and these were the tips that we came up with:

1. put some books by the toilet...maybe then they feel just like the grown-ups!
2. make sure that they see you on the toilet, so they can be just like you!
3. I remember seeing pictures of myself with my bottle while on the toilet (and for some reason I was up on the kitchen table as well, but I don't think that is a very good tip!), leisurely sitting on the toilet with a bottle, that sounds nice!
4. it's easier to train in the summer, so take advantage now, and just let them run around without a diaper a few times peeing on your own leg and maybe the toilet will not seem so bad (and a poopy, well that only took our son one time to realize he didn't want to do that again!)
5. target practice for boys is the best! we usually made it a game and peeing off the deck was really the most fun and trained him immediately! ...sorry girls!

as always, I would love to hear more tips from everyone so please comment on additional tips! GOOD LUCK!