I have to say that I am a little nervous about tackling this large and very complicated subject...eczema. but I have received so many requests for information and also stories of incredible healings that I felt as though I should share some of these stories and ideas with you. one of the first stories that I received was from a woman in New Zealand, she shared an incredible story of healing her 12 month old son's very serious eczema, her son was so covered in eczema that his skin was weeping and sometimes even bleeding, and was completely cured with flax seed oil. then I received a similar story with the same miraculous recovery by flax seed oil....both mom's put the oil twice a day into their babies bottle of milk (albeit breast, soy, rice, oat, or whatever). it's not a topical thing, because flax seed oil contains omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids (EFA's) which the body can not produce itself. (flax seed oil is also good to take during pregnancy as it helps to keep your joints loose...ask your ob/midwife)

I have used breast milk on my son's eczema, he has a very mild form and it usually flares up when we travel. you can even let the breastmilk separate and then use the "cream" from the top to spread over it...I received this tip from a woman at a la leche league meeting, who claimed it worked for just about everything! I am also a fan of using Aveda balancing oil for sensitive skin on my son's flare-ups and it goes away pretty quick. (and their acne balancing oil is a miracle for, what I call, grounders).

eczema shows up frequently at the back of the knees and can be irritated by travel and stress, I have a theory that my son gets eczema when we travel because no matter how much I explain it, traveling is something that is "unknown" for kids (where are we going?, what are we doing?, the airplane is exciting but crazy and I just love to be at home!...right?!) and therefore scary and there is the stress... I truly don't think that there is a cure-all for eczema, it is one of those things that is very personal, and amazing enough all of the stories that I have received is about boys...I was told that boys were more susceptible..but so many kids have it... there are also the basic things to avoid, sugar, cow's milk, soy milk and chocolate are the first to go! I also try to be calm when dealing with my son and his itchy skin and I never bring it to his attention, I just tell him that it's time for a body massage and he gets all excited! then both my kids lie down in front of me and we do a Weleda calendula massage before bed. If you have eczema stories please share them with a comment below or if you want to keep it personal please email me!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips! my eczema flared up with my pregnancy and I hesitated to use hydrocortisone, but i risked getting an infection - i also had the oozing, blistering variety. but i figured it would be better than taking an antibiotic orally. neither my doctor or ob suggested any natural remedy, and were bothered that i even asked. and of course, it flared up again after my baby was born because you're washing your hands 100X a day, and that exasperated it. thank you, thank you, thank you! i will definitely try all these remedies.

nonchalant mom said...

eczema for adults can also have to do with your blood, (not that it can't be the same with children, but it's usually more simple with children bacause their organs are in "brand new" working condition) as your liver cleans your blood if your liver is not in good working condition it can come out in the form of acne or eczema in your skin...see a naturopath or acupuncturist (or something like this) and they can help strengthen your liver! and also help diagnose your eczema better!

Hot Librarian said...

My nursing 8 month old has eczema, and my mom just offered a tip she read in Prevention Magazine - pregnant and nursing women can prevent eczema in themselves and their babies by consuming bifidus regularis (which is now easily available in Activia). So we're trying that now!

BTW, I love your site, and I linked to it from my own.

sigal said...

well, my son now 10 month old was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis -
see if it has to do with what you have... there is lots of information on the web, as far as i found out there is no suprize cure but maintenance. i stoped breast feeding lately ad its better now. it connected to alergies so a blood test for alergies is recomendded .

Anonymous said...

My daugther suffered from it after my husband and I left on vacation when she was 4 months old and ....left her with his parents.Two days after we arrived in mexico all we wanted to do was fly back home!!!! My naturopath and homeopath see it as a reaction to stress but as well as the body being to acidic. all i did is cut down on foods that are acidic and it just disapeared, necer to come back again (she is now 2 1/2). Breastfeeding is so important as well.

Tyler + Lauren Clyde said...

My son had eczema at 6 months. I only use natural home remedies, hers and supplements. i was not abou tto put those steroid creams on my baby! I used Colloidal Silver ("Natures Sunshine" brand because it has the best potency-no fillers or cheap versions of supplements) and his eczema cleared up and was gone 1 1/2 weeks later. Amazing stuff! I use it for so many things (internal and external). It is truly one of Nature's miracle "drug".