design torget-stockholm

design torget is a terrific idea, which I think exists in the United States but usually in collaboration with a museum. Design Torget is great because young designers have a store that will market their product while they can spend their time on what they do best...designing! On our recent trip to Stockholm we made a visit and these are some of the things that I found interesting....but there was much, much more, so visit their website to see more items from young Swedish designers (and from around the globe as well!). These are some of the kids products, but they have many categories.

this is a great bassinet that can hang from the wall or ceiling, a lovely idea! Design by Anna Häggblom och Ola Stålhammar - price: 1550kr (about $250/usd)

there are a lot of these vinyl wall designs around, but I think that these are very unique! Design Genevieve Gauckler, Ich&Kar och Tado - price 450-995/kr (about $75-150/usd)
ok, this was one of the best ideas I found...this is how it works you measure your kids and then slip a photo into the plastic of what they look like at the height they are at (and don't forget the date!)...I loved this idea! price: 175/kr (about $30/usd), I may have this at nonchalant mom soon...we'll see if I can get it!