My Lovely Pieces

top: small quartz crystal, medium smokey quartz and large tangerine quartz

No one can blame me for jumping into this with an whole and open heart - making jewelry with crystals is a dream of mine! Back in the 80's when I was in school I was such a huge fan of ME Stewart... anyone remember he 100% natural pieces - think a piece of wood on a knotted leather - she was my hero! I took many jewelry classes in school and explored different techniques but it wasn't until I saw a netted stone that I knew this epitomized it for me. I sold them in the shop over the holidays and no matter how fast I made them before I could have a photo shoot they would be GONE. They make terrific gifts, because what better thing to share with your friend of loved one than a beautiful crystal.

large herkimer diamond, quartz crystal, tangerine crystal

How to actually make these lovely pieces has been something that has eluded me for some time. I have kept that netted rock next to my bed for years (and years...) never finding the time to try things out and figure out how to do it... but then one day a few months ago I did it! I sat down and made my first netted crystal. It's evolved and taken on a few different forms, as I am sure it will over time. I am totally in love with these pieces - making them AND wearing them - I take the time to clear the crystal for you, because I know how busy we all are and if I do it for you it's ready to GO. I have the added benefit of living next to the ocean so heck, gives me a chance to jump in and clear the crystals in the open ocean. I say open ocean because it's not a bay (the Narragansett Bay is nearby) but I like to clean them in front of our home in Matunuck, where we look straight out onto Block Island in the distance. Then I take the crystals and leave them out to clear in the New Moon (for new beginnings) and finally I take a moment and bring the crystals with me to the beach on a sunny day and lay them out in the sun - it's a chance for me to do a meditation in the sunlight and with the power of all the crystals nearby it feels like a strong vibrational bath.

I have yet to come up with a name after figuring out that someone else had "enlightened pieces" *darn!* but something will come to me (email me with ANY and ALL ideas!) but in the meantime I wanted to offer them to you and all my friends! They are now on the website and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do - you can wear them out, but I also love to wear them next to my skin, they get warm and feel wonderful inside your shirt! Cut them and tie a not to the length you like (careful to not make it too short - there's no going back!). Next I am going to learn to make a clasp... more exciting things to learn!

I can also do various colors of cord: gray, brown, white, natural, dark natural