uM, this looks GOOD! - Little Moss in South Dartmouth MA

outside Little Moss in South Dartmouth, MA
yea, I can tell a good chef from her photo :)

Every once in a while I get a heads up on something great going on... I sift through loads of emails to find the good ones, and yep! this is a good one. Little Moss in South Dartmouth, Mass is going to host a couple of amazing chefs from the South! So for a few days you can enjoy the southern trappings of Chef Whitney Otawka, who is part of the culinary team behind the South’s famed Greyfield Inn (yes, I now want to go there, on our next hike down south) – an historic 16-room Inn located on the remote Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. 

this is the Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island, GA

From Tuesday, August 23 through Sunday, August 28, Whitney and her partner Ben Wheatley will host a dinner series and menu takeover at Little Moss – a South Dartmouth restaurant that offers locally sourced food that evokes the rich, maritime history of the village’s whaling port. Whitney and Ben will create a special menu that highlights their experience cooking in the coastal South – but with New England ingredients. I can't wait for this and it's certainly worth the hike from Rhode Island!

I love the idea of checking out a town with an event in mind, and this is such a perfect event. No reservations (so could get crazy) so I say let's GO FOR IT!
that's where I'll be sitting August 23rd!