2016 and what's ahead...

I find myself coming into this new year with more questions than answers, I hate that! It leaves an undone feeling in my head and in my heart, like something just needs to be checked off the list, but I can't. So I am trying to find more simplicity in my life (I think I always say that, but since our life is so up in the air, I really need simplicity now). Selling our house last year started us on the road to hone things in and focus ourselves. We rented a larger house than we really need so we moved our operations in-house for the time being. Besides our town doesn't have any nice retail space at the moment (always looking though) so I am going to wait for something good. My husband is painting in one room, and I run my retail operation out of two rooms - it's crazy but incredibly convenient. We chose to have the entire family sleep in one room, thinking this was just a short-term move, but we have ended up loving it. Both my kids talk in their sleep so it's my favorite moment, around 11pm when they practically talk to each other in their sleep. We all like to read before we go to bed so I love when we all climb into our beds and get our books out.

With this move I hope to start making things again, for now it's a bit under wraps, when I get things going I will be sure to let you in on what the heck is going on! I have missed being a 'maker' and I am excited to get back onto that train, selling things that people make is wonderful but I miss the rush of making something I am proud of and can call my own. I am moving my website into the territory of only made by hand in USA (or sometimes Scandinavia) and expanding my second-hand (flea market) section. And I will say this... one of my priorities is to make a new website - AMEN you say, right!

We are still searching for a place to live, so keep your emails coming. We have heard from many of you on Santa Fe, Colorado and Utah... but I know there are more creative pockets out there and we intend to spend some road trip time this year checking places out! All I can say is I need a town that has a decent bakery where we can get at the very least an amazing croissant (non-existent in our town!). Part of me just wants to find an Inn somewhere and become a caretaker! Stay Tuned....

Here are some things that I am into at the moment:

1. Home made energy drinks made with my Vitamix. I don't have many specific recipes because I just use the fresh produce I have in my fridge or on my counter. But yesterday I made one that was WONDERFUL! First I soaked a handful of cashews overnight in warm water. Then I added: 1 tsp cinnamon, pinch cardamom, 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar, heated almond milk and I think that's it.. so delicious! I have also been making the gojii berry tea quite a bit (see a few posts down).

2. I have a Pandora selection that I started with 'Gordon Lightfoot' and I love it! - I know almost every word to all the songs... it makes for a nice day, it's good homework music, and the whole family likes it.

3. Yoga pants - it's inevitable when you work at home... yoga pants + black crane = love (don't tell Momo I said that...). The Spring collection will be here soon - can't WAIT!

4. I am a scent person, I am crazy for oils and scents - as long as they are natural. So I am always looking for something new, I love the scents we carry by the guys at Village Common. I keep a roll-on in the pocket of my coat - there's nothing better on a cold wintry day than good simple scent! There are no wordy scent descriptions necessary, the ingredients are just what is in the bottle and they are all wonderful and full of life.

5. I think, but I have no proof, that Jasmine keeps away cold and flu - I was once told to put some on a napkin and wave in front of my babies face when she had a cold. I thought it worked then and I still use it on myself and my kids in the winter months. I 'think' it works :)

6. Astralagus - I am completely convinced that this amazing root keeps me healthy and free from sickness. I use the dried root every day in my tea. If you can't find it at your health food store email me and I will send you some! (link to my blog about this healing root)

7. Playing guitar with my kids.. well Franny moved over to the Cello but Sander and I are still working on the guitar and we love it.

I wanted to give you ten ideas but I have to get back to work! Another thing I want to do more of this year is blogging... but keeping them short and sweet.

have a good day!