very interesting :: are you gluten intolerant or is it just poison?

This is what you may have been thinking - Why am I suddenly allergic to gluten when I have been eating all of my life, well this might just be the more correct answer. At the very least it deserves some press, some research and some good old consumer awareness.

The name of the article is Maybe You are Not Gluten Intolerant, Maybe You are Just POISON Intolerant :: the link to the article is here and it really makes you think about the origins of this wave of people who are gluten intolerant. I certainly know that every one of my friends that went off gluten one hundred percent felt better, had more energy and didn't have side effects. When they came back on gluten they were more aware of the problem and while they possibly didn't make the connection to poison, they came back on gluten aware that the needed to eat organic.

I hope this is helpful to everyone!

The article is from: expand-your-consciousness.com
link to article here