Fathers Day!

Here it comes, that favorite day for Dads! I know that some people don't like to make a big deal out of these days, claiming it's just a day made up for retailers to make more money... but I say No-ho! It's a complete excuse to have a bunch of fun and make a really surprising, creative and fun day for Dads. My husband says he doesn't want anything, just a card and doesn't want to do anything, just go out to dinner, I say B - O - R - I - N - G.

Castle Hill in is a great place to enjoy Fathers Day!

We like to make this day a special crazy mix of everything I can think of all rolled into one. A morning of singing and Swedish pancakes or my mom's famous Waffles (see recipes here: pancakes or waffles), then we have our cards or gifts (we always make a bunch of stuff). Then we try to find something my husband would never like to do - say, play tennis or anything active, or maybe we will do something he really wants to do like go to a museum? and then the classic take him out to dinner, somewhere he has never been but me and the kids have researched just for fun! This year we are taking him to Castle Hill Inn. It's our favorite place in Rhode Island for special events, the open lawn, amazing food and terrific cocktails make it a perfect place for Fathers Day!

Here are some good gift ideas:

I just found this at my favorite store in Venice Beach, CA - Tortoise General Store - they have these gorgeous gardners cubes - they call them SOLA CUBE - one tiny universe at a time I can't think of anything more beautiful and Dad-like. I mean you can go for the tie, razor, book but this is collectible and so sweet.

After a brief stroll through the Tortoise General Store website I also came upon this... but really there are so many cute ideas for Fathers Day here... This mug with a wood handle, made with Hakusan Porcelain Hakusan Porcelain dates back to 1779 or 1958 as its current company. The town of Hasami, in Nagasaki-ken is known for its ceramic houses and Hakusan is the most prolific. visit their website here.

Lucky Fish Unisex Heal Our Planet Tshirt

Lucky Fish Protect the Elephants Tshirt

We have these lucky fish Tshirts which come in Unisex which is to say pretty much mens sizes (probably not the x-small haha) 100% organic cotton with great messages - Heal the Earth and Protect the Elephants! go to our Lucky Fish page and find them on our website.

Or what about a suite of wonderful - beautiful objects (also darts useful!) from Fredricks & Mae on our website! horse hair key chains, darts, and how about an elegant duster! or for that father who is always worrying... a gorgeous set of worry beads!

For that traveling dad.. what could be better than an amazing travel ket from Grown Alchemist. Their products are organic ingredients and using enhanced technologies to make your skin radiant and delightful.  This is a great little intro kit for only $69 from Grown Alchemist
Or the guys from Juniper Ridge put together this really extensive kit filled with many fun things for any father to try! The scents are completely natural and woodsy - no long lasting perfumes just natural oils, from wild pants these are GREAT!

I love this bag from Dries Van Notten... what a great chic gift to make any dad show-off with style! I found it at Mohawk General Store (where incidentally you can find anything great for fathers day gifts!)

So go get-em tiger... and have a great fathers day!!

see all our FAthers Day blogs here for some more good ideas (I found some great things to do just by re-reading these :)