what's up with the antler tip?

Tess + Tricia antler tip necklace

Have you seen these antler tip necklaces around recently? I like wearing anything that has to do with nature, we have rocks all over our house, driftwood, when I go to the beach I never come back empty handed. So when someone makes something beautiful out of nature, I love it.

Did you know that antler tip gives you courage? - shed antlers are a sign of wisdom, courage, and growth - when the deer sheds them, they have reached a fresh, new chapter in their life. Mine was a gift from my husband, sometimes that's the best way to receive jewelry. When I told him the story about how they give you courage I guess he was sure that I would want one. If you are looking for one just make sure that they are naturally fallen - as they are with Melissa Joy Manning and also our friends at Tess + Tricia. Melissa has her signature look but there are multiple styles from Tess + Tricia and believe me you can trust them to be naturally fallen and ethically made by both of these people.

that's my antler tip
I have them on Nonchalantmom by Melissa Joy Manning, but you can also get them from Tess + Tricia.