Spring is coming! isn't it?

saying good-bye to our Matunuck Hills home

I don't know about you but I keep seeing photos on Instagram of places that are starting to de-thaw, I have seen daffodils and other spring flowers, warm weather and people eating outside. We are still shoveling out of an almost daily snow. A record snowfall winter in which we moved our home and the store, it was mind-blowing... one day at the beginning of the move we were actually moving DURING the snowstorm, I SO wish I had taken a photo of my husbands car in front of mine, both loaded down with our things, he had shelves on top of his car which made him drive with the window open so that he could hold on with one hand and I am telling you it was a wind-tunnel of sideways blistering snow, it's funny now (I can't stop laughing to myself about that day), but not at the time. Don't ask me why we insisted on moving everything by ourselves, everyone asked if they could help, but we did it alone. We had eight pieces of furniture that movers moved for us but otherwise we hauled about 1,000 loads over to our new place, of which I am sure you will see photos soon.

Our new temporary home, until we figure out where we are going to move, is a 70's time capsule. I've hauled out all of my orange and yellow and we are reveling in it! All of my Moroccan rugs are perfect, as are my candles, way too many pillows and my collection of ceramics. It's a terrific cozy beach house that we are going to enjoy thoroughly. But for now we are collapsing! I have been to all the new shows for the upcoming Fall 2015 collections - so now I need to decided what the store will look like, what will be new and which collections we still can't do without. Spring is arriving, a bit slowly if you ask me but we have so many new things on the way for you and you are going to love it all!! I am sticking with collections that live with you day to day, things that quietly make you happy, and things you simply can't do without!

I will say that after moving all the store, our home, my husbands painting studio I have a new affection for all things essential and simple, what do I REALLY need is my new motto! I am always a fan of small frivolous things and even large crazy pieces - but what's important is that they are meaningful and worth hauling all over the planet because you love them!

I am sorry for not communicating better during the move but it was mayhem, I assure you - I hardly found time to ship everyone, which we did - without pause, except for that one customer (you know who you are) I can't find that scarf... I think it's gone! Everyone else was shipping quickly and efficiently as usual :)

and if anyone has an idea of a good place for us to move to.. please do drop us a line!