Martha McQuade :: scarf-shop

this is the giant-size cotton gauze scarf

I have been following Martha McQuade since I have been on Instagram, her posts are some of my favorites. I found her through my curated group of talented Minneapolis folk that I follow and use for inspiration! I am lucky that I am from Minnesota so it's on my radar, it may not be on everyones radar but if you have spent any time in there you would know it's a special place. And right now it's a hot-bed of talented people who stick close together and help each other cross-pollinate their creativity. If you want to follow Martha on Instagram you can at @mwmmpls and you will be inspired too!

For now, you can shop her scarf-shop... just found it today and I spent, well let's say way too much time, deciding what color to get. She takes simple, beautiful, cotton gauze (in various sizes) and even organic cotton and hand dyes them in 28 glorious shades. What could be more desirable in the doldrums of this in-between seasons than a simple scarf... sometimes it's all you need!

What color did YOU get?