I can't believe I still have these....??

This is my annual January blog when I look at my store and notice things that I just can't believe I still have!! I thought these things would be a favorite of all you guys, they are certainly mine! ...was I wrong? or did you just not see them!? I am lucky, my store is small enough that I just fill it with things that I love and really think are made well, by good people, doing good things. But when it comes to the end of a season and I still have things I'm crazy about, well, all I gotta say is you better grab them before I do!

This was one of my favorite bags from Erica Tanov (and it's 50% off!), I have one already so you don't have to worry about me getting it, but this is my last one! (and the gold... it's best for summer AND winter!) and this inouitoosh scarf.. the pink was my favorite color! and I have two left... can you believe it?

I used to have a lot of baby things in my store, but really all babies wear (let's get real) are these kind of sets - Tuss makes the best ones! I have always had them in the store and they are on sale now for $58 for the set... really!? If I was going to bring something amazing to baby shower this Erica Tanov baby blanket would be IT.. it's so soft and gorgeous, and the print! amazing.

My love affair with Clare Vivier bags will never end... it helps that she is from Minnesota too (although she decamped to LA with her French husband (!!)..) her bags are so well-made in Los Angeles to boot - another reason I love her things. These are two of my favorites, the messenger bag in the winter, let's face it, wearing your bag cross-body is the best (hands free to make snowballs! duh) and if I am going out this foldover clutch which is shearling/leather (!!) so great right now (both on sale at the moment but that won't last long...)

These boots from Moskiddos are really like slippers, the kind of shoes you can walk around the house on a cold winter day and then also comfortably wear outside to keep your toes cozy and warm! We have a couple of womens sizes left (and only $58!!) - and kids! (these are so good for kids for school...)

I don't know if you know what TUSS stands for but I DO, it's The Ultimate Simple Solution - this collection is from Sweden and is so well-made I love them, my kids grew up in her clothes and I see my neighbors kids in the hand-me-downs and they STILL look amazing! (yes, right about now I'll bet you wish you were MY neighbor!). These leggings are made like steel with little zippers at the bottom, tired of knees with rips? not these leggings! and every boy needs at least ONE of her shirts, just TRUST me on this one (thank me later) he will always look the coolest at any party, gathering or dinner out I promise. The bermuda shorts, let's just say that when my son modeled them he said "I'm never taking these off!" they are thick, soft and well-made - all you need to know.

Did I mention that I LOVE Utility Canvas!? listen, I only have these guys in my store because it's all I wear... and carry... if you don't already have a field bag GET ONE! (again, thank me later - oh and they are one sale right now!) and this smock, I put it on when I get home from taking the kids to school and it comes off after dinner - my phone goes in one pocket and a couple of bills and a cough drop in the other and I am set for the day! (it's also good for gardening and pottery class :)

I don't know about you but I like to go out to dinner with my kids, I like it one at the time (you get to focus on one and that's always nice) WHEN we do this Franny's dress up outfit is usually Wovenplay, cause that's just how we roll... and sometimes I can talk her into wearing a crown, but that's for an extra special occasion (and I am not totally against wearing them myself too!) and if you are not going to go the full nine yards and wear a dress/outfit the tights are a good start.

These sweatshirts by Atsuyo et Akiko (I LOVE those girls) are a favorite, it was our go-to kid gift for the holidays cause who doesn't want a shiny golden LOVE on their chest?! (they are on sale now too.. only $30!) and I don't know HOW it's possible that I have these Makie reversible fur vests left... Holy Mackerel! (now on sale for $53!!)

These are my favorite things, but I have more... so don't hesitate to ask me advice, I love that too! Before we get all new collections for Spring (eek! can't wait!) you have these lovely items to go-to.

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