daily green smoothie

A few months back I told you about a cleanse that I did with my friend Rebecca Briggs, she has a great blog called hOMnaturale. Her cleanse system is amazing and encompasses her vast knowledge on food, yoga, meditation, healing and loads of other wonderful things. Since my cleanse with her I have been making green smothies (along with my daily elixir which I shared with you in a blog a few months ago - link here). While the elixir is a more simple tall glass of freshness, I have also gotten into the routine of a green smothie each day and I am crazy about them.

If I do say so myself I think mine are pretty good (thanks to Rebecca) and I don't even have a Vitamix, I am just doing it with a plain old, high powered, blender! They taste amazing and it's nice during the winter (because they are not really cold) to replenish and drink fluids. Depending on what's going on in our community and family I will add a dropper full of Astragalus if my immune system needs a boost or if my nerves feel jumpy and unsettled I add a dropper of Magnesium.. whatever your 'thing' is.. you can add to your smoothie and give it an even bigger boost.

Some of my favorite ingredients are (all organic) : almond milk, coconut water, extra virgin coconut oil, Turmeric, cashew butter, hulled hemp seeds, green apples, pears, dates, spearmint (SO good!) etc... I think I could go on forever. But here is one of my favorite recipes, I really just make what is in my fridge - you will figure out what works for you and what doesn't but it's a good idea to have a base of a non-dairy milk, water, nut butter, powder (like hemp, maca etc.) green leaf (baby spinach, romaine, kale...), lemon... and then change things up from there...

Today I made this (all organic ingredients):

2 cups arugula
1 cup almond milk
1 cup filtered water (coconut water)
1/2 small lemon (with or without peel)
1 Tbsp cashew butter
1 tsp kava powder
1 tsp maca powder
pinch of Himalayan salt
a 1" piece of ginger (peeled and sliced into pieces)
1 Tbsp coconut oil
3 pitted dates

blend until it's pretty smooth - it takes a bit for my blender. I didn't add mint today but usually I do - SO good! This makes enough for me to have a glass, share a glass with my husband, maybe the kids too and then I put the leftover in jar with a lid and drink that later in the day (maybe in the car when I'm driving the kids around).

Some people have a hard time drinking a green smoothie (I CRAVE them so not a problem there) but if you do try drinking with a straw, I think that makes it easier?