Projects Abroad

Ever wonder what you are going to do when your kids go off to school? I have a few friends/family who are in this situation and although I am not actually IN the situation, I have thought about it and I would love to volunteer abroad. Today I received an email from this organization, Projects Abroad and I think it looks amazing! This image is compelling enough for me to join... oops, I have to wait a few years I guess since my kids are in grade school.

Projects Abroad is an organization that places people together with their skills and facilitates your travels. They predominately work with kids out of high school and their gap-year but there is also a place for people like us older folks who want to help too.

You can choose your destination, length of stay and they will match up with your skills. It sounds like an amazing organization and who knows... maybe we will meet each other out there one day! It's a big world let's go help those in need.

Projects Abroad

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