Astragalus for your immune system

dried Astragalus root

Each year at this time I have a have a problem keeping up my immune system. Each year I try something new, dry brushing, oil pulling, etc... they all help and I really have had benefits from all but I have a problem keeping up on each, I do both dry brushing and oil pulling but not on a regular basis. SO, on a recent trip to our local co-op I found these pieces of dried Astragalus root I was sure I had found my new immune system booster.

I have always given my kids Astragalus,  apparently it's easier on the stomach than Echinacea so it's easier for kids (and frequently comes in drop form without alcohol). It's also easier because it's effects don't diminish after seven days as happens with Echinacea. Both of these have always been very helpful with a variety of ailments for our family, we never use over the counter.

I simply put a 1 inch piece in my tea a few times a day, if I'm not feeling well, if I am 100% then I just take it in my morning hot water and lemon. There is very little flavor so you will hardly notice but the effects are really great.

The woman at the health food store said that she puts it in her soups and stews! (great idea but I haven't tried it yet) and another friend just chews on it! Any way you use it I think it's a great thing to give a try... it's natural, unprocessed and it really works! If you can't find it in your local store drop me an email and I would be happy to send you some!

Astragalus for health!