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There is a story here.... a friend gave me a tube of goe oil about a year back and I used it from time to time, I hadn't really read the label closely and I didn't realize how natural and 'clean' from loads of ingredients this oil was until we were on a vacation in Florida recently. It was the only cream I packed and when sun-burn and general sun-dry skin hit us I reached for the goe oil! Franny happens to have this kind of skin that gets a rash from everything synthetic or not natural (I kind of love that...) okay so her sensitive skin matched with sun-burned sensitive skin, well let's just say I was a bit worried about trying this new thing on her skin - not only was it perfect, she loved it and asked for it each morning and night, it soothed her burn and felt GREAT!

I followed suit very quickly and now it's all I use on my entire body (and hair) every since! I love the scent, the amazing softness and I just like the way it comes out of the tube in a slightly thick form and then melts into your skin... it feels great! It just takes a little bit and it goes a long way... it's the perfect summer all over, for the entire family, oil. The fact that it soothes the sun burn is the best part!

Goe oil has been written up in the NY Times (see below) and I love what they had to say too!

Jao products were created by a father/daughter team - which I like - they are determined to keep things close to their heart. These products are made in the USA and 100% natural, you will find hundreds of uses for you and your family.

give it a try and I KNOW you will like it... we also use ALL the products now, we keep the bugs away with patio mist - I roll-on the scent and keep that in my purse all the time! (it's very light and incense-like scent is my favorite!) and there is more to come... I promise this line of products will grow with us!

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