Indigo dying and Tie Dye

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Well this is something I have been waiting to do for YEARS (so you are not alone in putting this off forever) and I figured mothers day weekend was the perfect time. I had bought the kit LONG ago, so I was all ready. I had been putting items that I wanted to dye into a bag for years, so I had about 5-6 shirts including some of my husbands - they were washing mistakes, things I spilled on etc...

kids creations!

It was perfect to be outside and dye, we had enough to do about 20 shirts so we also made some tie-dye, they had so much fun with that.. when they open up their creation -- they LOVE it!

It's pretty darn easy and I don't know why I put it off for so long, you have to give it time though, there is a lot of 'stir the vat, then let it sit for an hour' type thing. We just followed the directions, the pieces that we wanted darker we just dyed a few more times. When we were done, we had the neighbors come over and dye too!! (you don't want it to go to waste.. it's so fantastic!)

If you don't want to go into the indigo dye, you could easily do the same with a Rit dye - I would just do all my blacks... more black...!

Have fun!
stir it up!