your kids teeth, or lack of....

so I have always been wanting to tell the story of why our son doesn't have two front teeth, I wish that I could say it was something interesting like he went head to head with a rhino or something...but really it's all our fault. so to save you from the same horrible feeling I get whenever we brush that empty hole of no front teeth...consider this your warning!

when our son finished breastfeeding we decided to give him a sippy cup of rice milk at night, how nice and reassuring right?...WRONG...the combination of the rice milk at bedtime and the fact that we used to give it to him in a sippy cup because we thought it was better than a bottle...again WRONG...gave him two rotten teeth up front. and we didn't really notice it one day until I was brushing his teeth and the middle part of both front teeth kind of just dropped away... I just stared at his mouth agape and was astonished! ...did this really just happen?

yes it did. The combination of rice milk and the sippy cup, which if you use those kind that don't spill (handy you thought right?) kids tend to lay these up against their front teeth and pull the liquid through the holes. a bottle is better as the nipple goes behind the teeth, but still not good enough because it should have been WATER! Water is really the best drink for kids up to the age of 25 (just kidding) but really, you should get your kids used to it right away and make your life a whole lot easier! yes, the milk sounds nice and comforting but you aren't doing anyone any favors.

(the dentist just pulled them out, just in case you were wondering, it wasn't that difficult and not too many tears but having to tell the story each time some asks him "oh, honey looks like you've had a visit with the tooth fairy" that's when it gets painful!)

I hope that this is helpful information and please share your kids teeth comments!