The Nonchalantdad: Liberation through a touch of Libation!!

Parents... I must tell you. I'm not exactly one of those who starts doing cart-wheels or collapses on the floor in relief (you know who you are!) when the kids are finally dropped off at the bus stop, or school, after a long summer.... but, there is a part of me that is certainly thankful for a bit of breathing space.

We've had a wonderful summer with our two children. We've managed to spend an inordinate amount of time at the beach this year. We've managed to travel - even getting the kids to Disneyland for some much deserved fun while we visited family in Southern California (disclaimer: my wife is not a fan of the place)..... you name it we did it, almost. It felt like we did not have one day without rest!

But, our youngest is now starting pre-school this year and our oldest is hitting the first grade. For the first time, both are occupied and learning or playing for 6 hours straight! With a nod to you parents who are home-schooling, I must admit that having that time back, without juggling parental schedules, is something of a pleasant relief.... So, with a touch of celebration in mind (if not because the kids are in school again, but because you made it through another full- time summer with the kids!) I salute you with a small remedy for all your hard work.

We call this drink the 'Slow Down'. What makes it sort of special is that we concocted it on the spot from ingredients we already had available. So, you can change it to your liking. The main thing is to make a special toast and take a deep breath. Go on, you deserve it.... just be careful not to make it before you collect the kids... We said we want you to relax - not lose your senses! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the one and only 'SLOW DOWN' : Start with shaker or something of the sort. take a small amount of Vodka (or whatever you have at hand), add a smaller amount of your favourite juice or juice concentrate (just a pinch if using concentrate).... we only had a juice box to use at the time....how funny is that!?! Then add a Squeeze of fresh lemon (or orange) and shake it up with lot of ice for that chilled effect. If you have some mineral water, just add a touch of that to finish it off. Then, take your funkiest glasses (we used some glasses we found recently at a flea market) and chill them for a moment in the freezer. Take the glasses and using the citrus you used prior dip the rim for some moistness. Then turn the glasses upside down and tip into your favourite sugar for some sweet follow up. Then pour the cocktail mix into the glasses just near to the rim.... and then garnish with a bit of the citrus and BANG - the perfect remedy for the Nonchalantmom or dad.... Make a toast, sit back, take a big breath and enjoy. Then, if you are like me, I'll return to the bedroom to change my trousers after discovering that I sat down on some silly putty..... hmmm!

Congratulations from your friends at Nonchalantmom, and remember - drink responsibly!