happy earth day!!

As much as I think that every day should be earth day, I think that today in particular we should look outside our box (our own yard) and help clean up or plant in a place that is needed. Just today I saw a man, alone on the side of the road picking up garbage...nice guy! It's also a great day to spend with kids and reminding them that our earth needs us to help keep it clean and working right! I found this article by Paul Hawken and with all this earth crisis talk, it's good to hear someone with a positive attitude:

"The great thing about the dilemma we're in is that we get to reimagine every single thing we do. In other words, there isn't one single thing that we make that doesn't require a complete remake. And so there are two ways of looking at that. One is like: Oh my gosh, what a big burden. The other way to look at it, which is the way I prefer is: What a great time to be born! What a great time to be alive! Because this generation gets to essentially completely change this world."

-Paul Hawken

(artwork above from velocity art and design - by Heather Amuny Dey