in the shop :: repurpose workshop

Hello all you locals (and even if you are NOT local!) come on in and repurpose that old, but favorite, clothing! I don't know about you but I have a favorite pair of jeans that I am just NOT going to let go! I have patched my kids pants for years, even my husband has me patch his jeans (he goes through pant's more quickly than our kids!) We love the way they turn out and I think it's about time we share this repurposing of clothing.

We can adjust dresses, by making them shorter, skinnier or cut off the sleeves. Are you too scared to cut your pants... I'll do it for you! (sometimes it's just easier when someone else cuts into them for you!) or maybe you need to add some length - it doesn't have to look perfect, it just has to feel great!

I have yarn cards from my days of sweater designing so there's yarn to mend your sweaters in just about any color under the sun! you can even darn them so that they show a pop color! let's of new ideas....


October 8th, from noon - 5pm

556 kingstown road
wakefield, RI 02879
in the Quo Vadis Shopping Plaza

Stop in and sign up or email me at: carina@nonchalantmom.com