elixirs & co. - to the RESCUE!

I found these people on my last trip to Paris, when I ran out I knew I needed to get this in my shop because I knew you would love these scents and helpful - homeopathic - healing remedies. I will say up front that these do not work the same for anyone and everyone, but I know they work for me and my family, so I wanted to share them with you. I use them and I know they help me get through some of the toughest of times. On an easy day I like to use the harmonious toilet waters and if I go out I like to use the perfumes (I have this secret feeling that they bring light and delight to an entire room!). The toilet waters are light and easy, the roll-on's are my serious ammunition against trouble.

I know it wouldn't seem like it but the Art world that my husband is a part of is quite stressful, I tell people it's almost like being married to a gambler and I am never sure how we are going to make out. So there are quite a few times when I secretly roll his temples before bed with either "stress" or "depression" and even "urgency" - and to be perfectly honest I have put all three on him (in the very recent past). It's amazing - of course doesn't solve your problems for you -- but I like to say that you don't get mired in your troubles, you have a way of seeing your way out - optimistically. And sometimes that's really all you can do... He doesn't even ask anymore, he just puts his head forward and I roll them on.

I didn't really cross my mind to use them on my kids (I don't know why not they are like my own personal laboratory!), and since these are based on Bach's flower remedies they are completely natural and it's not as if there can become an addiction and you can't overdose.. it's just flowers for gods sake! Anyway, my son said to me one day that it's very stressful being a straight A student, and I thought... I didn't know it was stressful for him, I just thought he was getting A's! He said it's stressful worrying that he's not going to get an A - so I rolled his forehead with "stress" and he walked away. I did it just a couple of other times (maybe 2-3) and it's never come up again. Now I'm getting into what prompted me to write this.. I'm not going to get into our boring life story but when my husband is out of town I spend a lot of time running the kids around from school, soccer, after school activities... now that I have a shop I can't always just take off. So our solution was for Sander to skateboard to my store after his tennis practice (it's about a 40 minute ride on a bike path) - he arrived at the front of my store with a large bleeding elbow scrape and bleeding from his knee and need I say... in tears. I will go so far as to say that he was a bit hysterical and super upset. URGENCY! I thought, he sat down and I rolled it on his forehead, and we cleaned up the scrapes and it was done. A couple of days later we were talking about it and he said "that was weird, after you rolled that on I had an immediate calm feeling and I felt like I was okay" It was true, it just helped him get a grip.

Next up was my 10 year old daughter. They are doing the Parcc tests at school and she is crying every night because she is just terrified of it... it's crazy for 4th graders to be put through this stuff but I just told her to do her best and that's all she can do and by the way, she will be taking tests for the next ten years (if not more) so try to get used to it and maybe even like it. That didn't work so well... she was still upset - but I thought.. "Stress"! One night when she was crying in bed (for quite a while before I noticed) I checked in to see what was wrong and I gave her some of the "Stress" and it was almost immediate, she turned over and fell asleep... just like that. We have been doing the "stress" each morning as she goes to class during this testing period and when I talked to her teacher she said that she was doing a lot better and I can tell that she is handling it better.


.. I just had to tell you about that :)

Urgency = really difficult situations - I used it for surgery, kids traumatic events (I know there are lots of those), big events in your life (death or sickness)

Depression = You don't need to be in a deep depression, although if you are I'm sure it will help, I use it for my period, crappy days...

Stress = I think the world should take this right now... but you will find so many instances when this can work. Family stress, school, work... list goes on.

If I don't have them in stock then I am working on it! Almost sold out of Stress and Depression right now...