Thinking about a Tesla? so am I....

here it is.. Tesla Model 3

Even though I don't have enough cash to even think of a Tesla, I was curious to check it out and see what the new Tesla model 3 was all about - and I kind of wish I didn't... Love the car, my 14 year old son is obsessed! I have a few friends that have the current model and I've been in one enough to know that yes, it's the future that's for sure. Of course it is... good for planet AND looks good.

I have friend from my Esprit days (80's) who at that time (or somewhere around there) had the foresight to invest in Apple - he is now a millionaire, d - u - h... we lived in San Francisco so it was close to home, he didn't even invest much, but there you go... it can happen. So I was thinking, is Tesla the same thing, maybe so?

But either way... I want the car! :) If you are even thinking of it - check out this article in Treehugger (by Jason Martinko) for more info.

here's the link to Tesla, you know you want it...