I don't even watch football but I thought this was GREAT... and somehow, no-one seems to know about it! Well at least that is if you DON'T listen to NPR. I don't know how long he has been doing it but if you watch the last few games with the Denver Bronco's you will hear Peyton Manning yelling out plays at the line of scrimage.. and if you listen closely he yelled out "OMAHA" quite a few times!!

here is the full story on NPR

So apparently businesses of Omaha, NB have got in on the game (haha) and some have agreed to pay $500 each time he yells "Omaha" to his charity for at-risk children. I don't know what happened but we can't stop yelling OMAHA! in our house... how about you...

I love it.. when asked what the play "Omaha" means he had a few "It's a run play, but it could be a pass play...or a play action pass, depending on the wind, which way we're going and the jerseys that we're wearing."

can't wait for the superbowl... GO OMAHA!

(it could also be a drinking game... I'm just sayin...)