recipe :: french toast breakfast

In our house French Toast comes down the pipe at least once a week. Today I thought I would shake things up and then I realized this could be a great thing to do for guests who are staying for Thanksgiving. When I make french toast my only 'trick' is to add cinnamon - I feel it's one of those things that's good for kids but they rarely get it into their diet. I call it 'dirty french toast' because it gets all crazy dirty looking.

Today, I added a bit of an applesauce on top, and to be a bit 'healthy' I used Kudzu instead of other sweet thickening agents. Kuzu is made from a root and it has great healing powers, it is used in Kuzu tea (which I drink when I am sick or if I need strength to fight off sickness - twig tea + 1 umeboshi plum + kuzu and I sometimes add ginger - I will write a blog on this soon to come).

apple topping
chop 1-2 apples depending on how many you will need
add water and cook
dissolve kuzu in a 1/2 glass of cold water (about 2-3 teaspoon of kuzu) and add to apples
add cinnamon
add rasins
add honey or maple syrup

cook for a few minutes until the kuzu becomes clear & apples are bit soft

serve on top of french toast!