nonchalant mom gift ideas!

We've created a GIFT IDEAS page on Nonchalantmom to make finding gifts easier for you! It's easy as pie... just click on 'gifts' at the bottom of the homepage and then you can choose from BABY, KIDS or MOM AND HOME. Obviously there is much much more available on the website, I personally like to shop by 'collection' but any way you like it there's a lot of great gift ideas for this Holiday Season!

We work hard to bring you small collections from independent designers, somehow I think it's more fun this way, to give unique gifts that you won't find anywhere else. Many of our collections are organic, but they don't have to be.. the DO have to be creative, fun and easy to wear or live with! I hope that you enjoy our selection and remember that there is free shipping until the end of 2010 (at checkout use code: freeship2010).

We gift wrap with a simple silver soft wrap and red bakers twine and if you include a message we will include it on grey paper. Anything that is packaged in a box we wrap in green paper with green yarn bow. This is not the fanciest wrapping possible, but I think it uses less waste and we like to encourage that! (plus it's kind of a typical Swedish wrapping style..). Just choose 'gift wrap' when checking out and we are happy to gift wrap! (+ $5)

Thank you so much for your patronage this year and I look forward to giving you the best that I can for the coming year!

Happy Holidays!

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