Nonchalant Mom News

It was the Summer of 2004, with a rough idea of what I wanted to do and with some amount of courage, I started Nonchalant Mom. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve come so far with my original idea to create a shop where the focus would be on just about everything the mainstream wasn’t focused on - a place where children’s and women’s fashion would be about the handmade and ethically sourced. Working with other young moms who were creating something good while knowing you had to pay fair, living wages to those who worked for you. I had all of these friends making great things and I knew that everyone would want them if they just knew about them. I knew if I combined a thoughtful shopping experience with information on parenting in a more natural and healthy way that other parents, like me, would want to be a part of it. I know that there is a new and young audience out there who is still craving that information - they want it from a trusted friend, and that’s what I became. When I meet other parent’s now with kids my age I am so humbled by the praise of how they used my information and shopped in my store for themselves and their kids. This “new family” community is so strong and thriving today and it’s so exciting to be a part of it. It’s with great pride that I look back over these last 15 years and say that my idea for something modest, something conscientious, something caring, something creative, and something unique has continued to grow and didn’t buckle under the weight of challenges big and small.

But, now the time has come for me to move on. With my family, I’m going to be moving this Summer. I’ll be moving away from Rhode Island after 15 wonderful years here! With this impending move, I’ve started thinking that it might also be time to move on from my original idea for Nonchalant Mom. My kids are no longer little, both are now teenagers (no more free models) and, with that, my interests have evolved too. I’m finally ready to get back to my own creative endeavors - meaning that I want to return to making my own art and jewelry. It’s not that I think the idea of  Nonchalant Mom is finished, on the contrary, it needs someone NEW to take over the shop, to bring to it a new freshness and spirit. I think it’s time for someone new to put their own fingerprint on it, take it further, and bring it a new life! With that in mind, I’m now seeking someone interested in just that - taking over the business and moving it further forward. There is much
potential for Nonchalant Mom, whether it be in the form of a brick and mortar shop, or online - even BOTH. There is the idea that
Nonchalant Mom can stay here in  Rhode Island in it’s current location, or move on to another location far and wide. The main thing that Nonchalant Mom needs is someone who is looking (just as I was all those years ago) for a challenge. Nonchalant Mom needs someone who has the creative energy and enthusiasm to build something unique. It is perfectly suited for that person who wants something they can call their own, who wants to have their own business, whether it grows BIG or remains modest. Of course, it will help if you have some business acumen. There are many things that can be done with the business, many directions to take it or even rename it, but the base is there. You only have to have a dream and some passion. Nonchalant Mom has grown over the past 14-15 years and now incorporates a following both for the actual shop and in it’s online presence! I’ve met so many wonderful people in this journey and I’ve done much of the hard work
necessary to get it off the ground and gain recognition and loyal following. There’s no definition to the type of person who may want to take this on - you could be young or older, single or married, with or without kids. All it really needs is someone who wants to make something special for the future.  And, maybe most interesting is that it won’t take a lot of money (or at least as much as you might think) to take it over. This business isn’t about money as much as it is about doing something you love and making a difference and creating a
community. I’m really hoping that there might be someone out there with the same kind of principles, and same kind of verve that I have had for the business all these years. And, I’m willing to help you! So, if you think that this might be the thing you have been looking for in your life, then let me know and let’s discuss it. Who knows, it might just be YOUR dream come true...... share this with a friend if you know someone who is looking for something that will be incredibly rewarding in their life!
love, carina