fathers day ideas...

I really like Fathers Day and it's fun to put something together that is interesting, unique and fun for the whole family! These are just a few things that I have thought of doing or getting as a gift for 'Dad' I hope it will spark a creative idea for you and your family too!

We always talk about going to Washington DC and I don't know why, but I think it's a great idea for Fathers Day. I came upon this hotel and it sparked it off for me because it sounded like a great place to stay and also experience DC. (and oh... there just happens to be a spa involved so you could take advantage of that as well!). The Hotel is called Lorien Hotel and it's 15 minutes away from DC but maybe that's close enough to experience it all (it's actually in Alexandria, VA) and an old Village experience together with the history of DC could be a great educational experience for the kids.

In our family Dad travels quite a bit so we like to put these books together or make a fun collage of photos so that he can have them at night to look through and miss us just as much as we miss him. So if the Dad in your family doesn't travel this could be a great home-made Fathers Day gift (I honestly think I got the idea from a commercial on TV?!). Print up some of your favorite recent photos of the kids or take some special secret shots just for this purpose (the kids could hold up "I love you" signs... etc) you will need about 25 for a book or more for a collage. Paste them into a book made of construction paper, I punch holes in one side and then thread a string through and tie at the end or you could sew it together for a binding. I let the kids write comments or just make pictures on the pages. This is a really fun family project and surprise Dad with it!

A family hike can be exciting for the kids and if you do some research and go to an unusual spot it can be more of an adventure! And this year its even warm enough to sleep in a tent or just go crazy with the whole idea! This will take a bit more planning and may be a bit difficult to keep a secret but it could become a family tradition that has a lasting effect! (I'm a sucker for those kind of things)

I love the classic gifts of a watch, a razor or a tie (like the Pierrepont Hicks ties we are offering as a Fathers Day Pop Up Shop). If Dad happens to have a favorite watch maybe a new watchband could be just the trick!? Singular Straps offers wonderful and colorful ideas in leather or ribbon -- I love them both! They even have a full instructional on how to use their bands.

Just a few words about the wonderful world of mens blogs... they are so much fun you must have a look yourself! ...and then pass them on... (below a lovely man via The Sartorialist)

I also put together a little cheat sheet of great mens blogs that have something to offer in every direction...

Welldressed - swedish blog - "style not trends"
The Sartorialist - amazing style... period.
Taylor Stitch - San Franciscan style
Rubin Recommends - very cool music... you choose!
Mens Health Magazine - I used to be in the Mens Fashion business and I always liked these guys, they were honest and really good people to work with, the Fashion editors I mean...
dadwagon - written by Brooklyn dads (it's intelligent and a bit edgy, I'm warning you..)
I don't need it - but I want it - design blog by Andreas Kuefer

The Freemans Sporting Club collection is now available online... this should make many a man very, very happy! If you are not able to drag the 'Dad' down there you can actually surprise him by even knowing about it. here are some of my favorites:

The short sleeve pullover shirt or the patch pocket shorts (if you go to the store they actually have these in fine wale corduroy! grab a pair for yourself!)

Steven Allen is always a store where I can find something really special for my husband, it's just one of those places that really has a look that is perfect for office (albeit a relaxed office), every day and whatever afterwords... His shirts are the best and an easy fit (they are already perfectly wrinkled anyway!) and the pants are causal and cool (a good combination).

In our house the way to daddies heart is by way of food! So we like to have a very special breakfast we put just about everything out on the table and have it at the ready for waffles or pancakes, omelets or scrambled eggs... we just go with it!

Whatever it is you decide to do... I hope that your day is lovely and fun, and just a bit spontaneous, after all just winging it is a blast too!